Björn Nussbächer

68100 Mulhouse


Dernière participation aux ateliers ouverts



  • Sculpture



13,Rue de Pfaffstatt , Bat 75
68100 Mulhouse
tél : 004915730129172



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    « Björn Nussbächer work is more the work as an art -practicer than the production of purely objects. » « Björns work made the visitor feel the vulnerability of human condition. »For he atelier ouvert , he prepares a programmation of performance , lectures with the title « meditations on obsession part I  » to explore our « body -space relations » and the meaning of « power »and « freedom » in contemporary art-practice.The exact program and place of studio 2.4 Motoco will be announced « here »the next days and on his website: http://Björnnussbä



    In the tradition of the art-travel , Björn Nussbächer showed his work in different places and collobarated with many artists and art spaces during his visits in Europe. Middle East and Oversea.He showed work f.ex in the Stedelijk-Museum , Amsterdam.NAI , Rotterdam.Palais de Tokyo , Paris.In Amsterdam he was also visiting the « Rijksacademie », where he was often studying in the library.