Zsofia Szemzö



Dernière participation aux ateliers ouverts



  • Dessin
  • Installation




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    Elle participe à une résidence au CEAAC avec Budapest galerie. Elle partage une atelier avec Cosima Tribukeit au Bastion XIV.

    Sbe is in residency at CEAAC witb Budapest gallery. Sbe is living and working in Budapest and lived in Paris 2008-2012.
    She is researching different ways of narration in human interaction. In ber current project: Byproduct project and Risk video series //she is work.ing on and was  working with the concept of defragmentation, she was mostly interested in mending broken situations. « De-fragmentation in information technology is a way of reorganizing data in order to store them as a wbole and not scattered in small bits and fragments. The theme is an analogy of the term defragmentation in information technology and fragmentation found in objects. Szemzô is interested in spoilt situations and useless, not restorable, not matching, broken objects and mismatches, and side effects of human actions and decisions. » Katalin Izinger. The collages, drawings, photographs videos, installations and clay objects are focusing on processing data and phenomena that deal with side effects of human actions, and possibilities of mending broken situations. Szemzô collects these spoilt situations and also successful human solutions, where humans fix broken things by tinkering, such as when we mend a broken chair by instead putting in a Ieg, we apply a walking cane, or when we apply a rubber band on our pants when we have a torn button. From river engineering to hair-dyeing. She bas also got increasingly interested in the Kintsugi technique, that is pasting together, mending witb gold. The mending is not restoration but bighlighting a new state of the object. Slow or irreversible processes in nature are present in ber drawings and objects. She shows the contradiction that is present between the ideal situation imagined by man, and the modalities of implementation of these ideas.