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Simon Burkhalter

68200 Mulhouse


Dernière participation aux ateliers ouverts



  • Installation



13 Rue Pfastatt
68200 Mulhouse

tél : 0604402160



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With his works, Simon Burkhalter makes a link between biomechanics, science fiction and the indian « design » philosophy Jugaad. His Installations are playing with light and scale as well as sound to transform the spectators view on Objects.
In the EXO skeleton Series he explores the mechanical interaction of different materials to create fictional bodies and performance tools.



Simon Burkhalter is a swiss artist and designer.
After studying to be a teacher for arts and music in Bern CH, he finished his Bachelor degree in Postindustrial design at HyperWerk in Basel. In the last year of his studies he worked most of the time in motoco, where he has his atélier. Today he works on individual artwork and designs Installations with the AIA collective.